Why Our Patients Trust Us



We follow “Best-Practice” guidelines for audiology and utilize outcome-based solutions.
Testing techniques and technology are constantly changing and improving. As research sheds more insight into how we hear and the best way to measure and manage our hearing, it is important to keep up-to-date and follow best practice.


We work with our patients as partners.
With your motivation, our expertise, and excellent technology, we expect a high rate of successful treatment. Many of our patient’s like to do research on their own, as well, and we have a wealth of resources to share.

Whole Health

Healthy hearing is part of whole-health.
We know how hearing affects, and is affected by, our overall health. Cognitive state, safety, balance, heart health, and many other factors are tied-in to our ability to hear our environment and to communicate effectively.


We consider all solutions.
Management and treatment of hearing loss and tinnitus is not limited to fitting hearing aids. We identify patients’ needs and guide them through the most appropriate considerations and solutions.


Our patients are part of our community.
We work with people - not symptoms. We know our patients are part of the community in which we work and socialize, and we treat them with the same care and respect we would treat our family.


We are dedicated to our profession.
Our audiologists, clinic managers and receptionists are dedicated to the audiology profession and are passionate about their work. This becomes obvious when our patients first walk in our clinic. We look forward to working alongside you for the most positive experience in hearing healthcare.