What’s So Important About Hearing?

Every day of every month our sense of hearing is an essential part of our lives. That’s right! It’s not a luxury, it is not an add-on convenience. It is one of the primary senses we use to experience our world, to interact with our environment and to engage with our fellow human beings. So, why do so many normally hearing people take it for granted, and why do so many hard of hearing people settle for the difficult and disengaged experience that hearing loss causes?


It is our hope at Quincy Audiology that people have a greater awareness of how sound shapes our lives and greater expectation for a richer, fuller experience. We are, of course,  proud of the diagnostic testing and treatment options we provide, but we are equally proud to be a resource center for education and information for people wishing to find out more about our hearing, how sound impacts us socially and psychologically, the physics of sound, hearing conservation, and so much more. We encourage everyone to learn more, to ask questions and to enjoy more fully the wonderful world of sound and our sense of hearing.