Communication Tips

Improve your hearing by using better communication strategies. 

Hearing aids can greatly improve communication but these devices cannot completely restore hearing. There are simple but powerful adjustments in how you communicate with your loved ones that can facilitate better conversations.

Enhance your communication abilities by:

  • Maximize audibility by standing close to the speaker.

  • Don't speak from another room or when your back is turned to the person.

  • Look at the person so that he or she may use visual cues, such as facial expressions and gestures.

  • Before speaking, say the person's name so you can get his or her attention.

  • Instead of shouting, speak more slowly.

  • Rephrase your words rather than repeating them.

  • Try to reduce background noises when talking.

In some listening environments, hearing aids alone cannot provide enough benefit. Remember, communication involves a talker and a listener. Help your loved one with hearing loss be more successful in hearing by using a few simple strategies.