Hearing Aid Wireless Accessories


oticon connectline

The ConnectLine is a series of devices that are designed with communication and entertainment applications in mind, helping to transform Oticon hearing aids into a personal wireless headset. The purpose of the ConnectLine is to enhance communication in all aspects: face-to-face conversations, watching TV, listening to music, and chatting online or over the phone.


ConnectLine Streamer Pro acts as a gateway to the audio sources you wish to hear. Any technology you own that has built-in Bluetooth, such as a TV or iPod, can connect to the Streamer Pro wirelessly to send the sound straight to your hearing aids. Enjoy hands-free cell phone calls straight to your hearing aids or control the hearing aid volume with the push of a button.

tv adapter.jpg

ConnectLine TV Adapter connects wirelessly to your Streamer Pro to transmit clear sound from your television directly into your hearing aids. Use the Streamer Pro to control the television volume in your hearing aids while leaving the television volume at an enjoyable level for everyone else. 

connectline microphone.jpg

ConnectLine Microphone connects wirelessly to your Streamer Pro to transmit clear speech into your hearing aids. The device is worn by the person you would like to hear enabling private one-to-one communication in challenging listening environments.

Starkey surflink

The SurfLink products are similar in purpose, offering connectivity and control for those using Starkey hearing aids. The choice of devices allows the user to decide which wireless capability they would like based on their lifestyle and activity level.

surflink remote.jpg

SurfLink Remote allows you to easily adjust your hearing aids. There are two different remote control options for those who wish to adjust their hearing aids using a more traditional remote device. Make memory and volume adjustments to your hearing aids or choose to activate/deactivate streaming modes.


SurfLink Media 2 streams media from your television, radio, or MP3 player directly into your hearing aids. It allows multiple users with SurfLink-compatible hearing aids to connect to a single device. Set the device up, and it automatically streams audio to your hearing instruments when you’re in range.


SurfLink Remote Microphone 2 is a discreet, lightweight microphone that can be worn by a conversation partner to aid you in one-on-one conversations. The microphone streams speech directly into your hearing aids. 


SurfLink Mini Mobile is a cell phone streaming solution for those you do not have Made-for-iPhone hearing aids. The Mini Mobile connects any Bluetooth mobile device to your hearing aids for streaming phone calls.