CaptionCall Telephone

CaptionCall is a revolutionary phone for hearing loss.  CaptionCall offers unrivaled sound quality with powerful amplification and customizable audio settings.  Most importantly, it provides smooth-scrolling captions of what your callers say on a large, easy-to-read display screen to reinforce your hearing.  Now you can use the phone with confidence!

captioncall phone.jpg

Anyone who has trouble hearing on the phone is a good candidate for CaptionCall.  Some people have difficulty hearing certain frequencies such as a grandchild’s voice.  Sometimes it is difficult to understand numbers and names.  It can also be difficult to understand the conversation if the caller has a soft voice or the connection is bad.  CaptionCall is a good solution for people with or without hearing aids.

To qualify for a CaptionCall telephone, a hearing-care professional must certify you have a hearing loss. Pending the results of your evaluation, we can order a complimentary phone for our qualified patients in a matter of minutes. 

How is CaptionCall Free?

As a provision of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the U.S. federal government established a fund to give individuals with hearing loss access to captioned telephone service at no cost. This captioning service is funded using surcharges on all telephone bills. If you’ve paid a phone bill, you’ve already contributed.